Get Involved With K.O.S.

We are not offering memberships at this time!
Once we are fully set up as 501(c) (3) non profit organization we will be offering Memberships and also accepting sponsers.
Meanwhile we can always use your help to get the Krewe off and running!
For example:

Volunteer Your Time

We can always use help organizing events, fund raisers, & parties. If you want to help please contact us!

Attend Events

For this first year our events will be the main way to build funds to kick off the Krewe. The focus of the Krewe is to help those who need it in our “lifestyle’’ community and for local charities by way of social events through out the year. By you attending our events you will be helping us raise money to get the ball rolling!

Make A Donation

If you are not able to attend events or volunteer, you can donate funds using Paypal.  (

Donate $25.00

Donate $50.00

Donate $75.00

Donate $100.00



By sending it (made payable to L. A. Currey) to:


Krewe Of Swingtown

P.O. Box 770

Goodrich, TX



If you're a business, there are ways for you to help by offering:


Give away & promo items...

Space to hold events, parties, or fund raisers...

Advertising space at your business or website...

(Your business will be recognized for these donations!)


*Until we are recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3), charitable contributions are not tax deductible

Get The Word Out 

Spread the word about the Krewe and its events! If you are a member of a "lifestyle" oriented website post our link, tell others about a party we have coming up on their forums, or by buying our merchandise (*this will be added to the site in the future).

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