Moonshine Contest

With so many people making their own versions of moonshine, we thought why don't we see who really does make the best!
There will be 3 categories:
Maker's Choice
(Whatever flavor you choose)
You can choose to enter into all 3 categories or just one, it's up to you!
The moonshine will be judged by a panel of 5 judges. Each contestant will draw a # and that # will be on all the 1 oz cups you turn in so the judges do not know who turns in what.
We will have a trophy for each flavor's winner and the contestant with the highest total score across all categories will become our Grand Champion!!!
The contest will be held on Thursday night (6-20-19) of the river trip.

You can pre-register below!
Pick which Moonshine Categories You Will Be Entering?

First Name
Last Name or Initial
Apple Pie
All Three

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