River Trip Updates

Update 6-16-19

Sites Update!

Cabins - Sold Out

30 & 50 Amp Sites - Sold Out

Dry RV Sites - Sold Out

Tent Camping - Still Have Spaces

There is a very short waiting list for Dry RV Sites, so if you need an RV site in the Jungle get on the list in case something opens up. Just message me and ask to be added to the list.

Update 6-12-19

The contact # has changed to contact Bubba with River Trip info and Questions. Please call 936-433-5727. This is also the # that will work to reach Bubba while at the River Trip.

Update 5-28-19

NEW Updated Mountain Breeze Campground Map


Update 5-28-19

Do to not meeting our attendance requirements we were unable to retain the entire campground this year. We will try again next year! We will still have the space we have had for many years and we also picked up all of the tent camping space adjacent to our normal area behind the bath and tube houses. 

Update 5-12-19

Unfortunately, we will not have Biker Rally Camps this year so that means there will not be a tent rental option for this years trip. Apparently they have went out of business. We will work hard to get a new service for next year.

Update 3-14-19

We have lifted the ban on air conditioners in the tent camping area with out the use of a whisper quiet generator. We are hoping that with having the entire campground the drain on the electrical circuits will not be as bad. With that being said if we start over loading breakers the ACs on that circuit will have to be removed from the area and put back in your vehicle. So, bring a fan just in case! If you want to guarantee the use of your AC its best to run whisper quiet generator (like a small Honda), you can pick one up fairly cheap from Harbor Freight that can easily run a small AC.

If you do choose to run an AC on the shared campground electrical outlets PLEASE:

1. Only run the AC at night, unless there is an absolute need to run it during the day. ie..someone is over heated

2. No ACs larger then a 5000 BTU.

3. Try not to bring older AC units. As an AC ages it tends to draw more current.

4. Do not point the rear or exhaust towards another campers tent.

5. Bring adequate sized extension cords to operate the AC. (You will need at least a min. 12 gauge cord.)

If you have any questions please ask.

Update 2-20-19

All Cabin Have Been Rented Out For This Year...Sorry

Update 2-16-19

River Trip T-Shirts and Beach Towels Are Available For Sale! NO SHIPPING...Pick Up At The Campground!!! Click Here To Order

Update 2-12-19

We are steering way from paying when you arrive. You need to purchase your event passes online before the Wed. June 19th. The name on your payment will be what you will check in under at the campground's office when you arrive. The price for event passes will be increased by $10 per person for anyone having to be wrote in and paying at the campground's office.

Update 2-9-19


Update 2-8-19
NEW FOR 2019!...22 Full Hook Up Sites & 10 Cabins !!!
By having the entire campground we have added 22 full hook up RV sites and 10 Cabins! There are different price points for each and can be reserved here.

Update 6-17-18


If you are tent camping please try to keep your foot print at the size of a large tent and 2- 10x10 pop ups...roughly an area of about 20x20. We have added more tent space this year but if we do start to run tight on space those of you with excessive equipment will be the first to down size.

If you have a RV spot please only take up the area allotted for your space (between the lines). We ask that you DO NOT park in front of your camper or set up tents, pop ups, ect in front of your camper in the field area. We need to keep that area clear for traffic coming in and out, if an emergency occurs we need to be able to get those vehicles through.

Update 5-22-18
NEW FOR 2018!...1st Annual Moonshine Contest!!!
We have so many people that come out to the river trip each year with there own versions of Moonshine and everyone has there favorites! So, now we can see each year who really has the best shine!!!

Update 1-19-18
Official Day Pass Policy...(As of 2-7-19)

No, sorry there is not. Everyone who attends will need to purchase Event Passes to gain entry Fri & Sat.

Rules for Golf Carts...

I have been asked by a lot of people about golf carts and are they allowed at the campground. Yes but only EZ-Go style golf carts....NO! Razors (side by sides) or ATVs of any kind are allowed!!! Also, there are a few rules for golf carts:

  1. There is no parking in the horse shoe area! In the past we have had problems with people parking there golf carts in front of the stairs and blocking people from being able to unload and set up camp. We ask everyone to park their golf carts on top of the hill somewhere out of the way after unloading your cooler and passengers. (KOS staff is the only carts allowed to park in this area)

  2. NO golf carts will be allowed in or around the horse shoe area during any of the contests! It seems every year we have someone cranking there stereos up and blocking the people trying to watch the contests. We know some of you have put a lot of money into you golf carts and want to show it off but there is a time and place for it....so please be respectful.

  3. If you leave our area of the campground with your golf cart...ie...going to the showers, the office, or watching the bands, the campground wants us to remind you that you can not block the roads in anyway and prefer you park in a parking spot when possible.

I want to thank everyone for your cooperation!

Things To Remember!
Everyone MUST purchase an Event Pass. 
It's always great to RSVP here on our site some people can see who is attending and where from!
Those attending but staying off-site (hotel, motel, lodge, private house) the campground does not offer a day pass. The campground requires everyone who attends pay the same price whether you stay at the campground or offsite. To come out and party with us Friday and Saturday you will need to purchase an Event Pass here on this website.
EZ Go style golf carts are allowed at the campground. ATVs Are Not!
We strongly discourage the use of AC's in the lower tent camping areas. The circuits really can't handle the load. This also includes fridges, or freezers of any kind (lights, fans, radios are ok). If we start blowing breakers and one of those items are found you will be asked to remove them and store them in your vehicle for the remainder of the trip. You can have those items in the upper tent camping area and the field area where you can run a generator.
RV's will follow the parking guidelines unless special arrangements have already been made. (Refer below under *ATTENTION* for guidelines.)
No nudity within the sight of the front office or in view of the people the campground is outfitting. The River Trip is not a nudist event. So please stay covered when walking from the lower area to the upper field area, especially during the day light hours. 
You can not be nude in the river at any time! You can be topless as long as you are respectful of families that may float by...cover up, turn away, or simply lower into the water so children can not see.
Absolutely NO SEX in the public waters of the Guadalupe River!!! That is includes oral sex! (This should go without saying but...We have had to in the past.)





As of 2013

 Anyone bringing a travel trailer, RV, camper, or popup!

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