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Hey ladies wanna have a little fun and win some great prizes too?

 Well, sign up to join us in our 14th annual wet t-shirt contest....

 The contest will be held on the Friday night of our 2021 Guadalupe River Trip. We will be gathering prizes from some of your favorite lifestyle clubs and businesses.

 The winner will be determined a panel judges and gauged by audience reaction, so the wilder the better!!!

 Just send us your info in the box at the bottom of the page and we will add you to the list.



1st Place - 6 Month TNG Gold Membership!

2nd Place - 3 Month TNG Gold Membership!

3rd Place - 1 Month TNG Gold Membership!

# Of Contestants: 10
The more you ladies sign up, the more our sponsors will offer prizes! 

All contestants MUST sign a waiver and provide their own white shirt!

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2010 Wet T-Shirt Contest!

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