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Sites reserved:


We have the entire left side of the camp ground reserved (2 acres).  With this much space we can hold double what we could at the old camp ground.


The reserved area is a mixture of a few different types of camping sites. There is the lower area not much grass (mostly dirt) and right on the water that has electric access.  The second is the main area that is surrounded by trees and has electric outlets. The third is the right off the main level with electric, water, and trees it's also where the RV spots are. And, the last is a very inviting grassy field (this is the over flow area), no electric or water but a few trees, you should be fine with a nice 10X10 canopy (Generators are only allowed in this area!).



We will no longer be allowing air conditioning units to be run in the lower camping area. The circuits are just can't handle that kind of load, they are wired to power lights and fans. You may use an AC in the upper field area with a generator.



All campers need to check in at the main gate (1st entrance) when they arrive.  Tell them you are with the Krewe Of Swingtown or the KOS Group and they will know where to send you.


You DO NOT need to call the campgrounds and make reservations yourself unless you are wanting to reserve one of the 9 full hook up RV sites or a cabin.  This might confuse them and you could end up camping away from the rest of the group.


If you arrive at night and no one is at the main gate, please be sure to go to the main office at the end of the main gate entrance. 


*If the office is closed and you don’t pay when you arrive, they will hunt you down in the morning and collect . . . nothing like being woken up at the crack of dawn being asked for money!  LOL


Camping facilities:


Mountain Breeze offers primitive/semi primitive (tent) camping along with limited RV spots and a few single room cabins.  There is a very nice and clean bath house with showers and restroom facilities on site (hot water, free showers).  Tent sites share electrical access , but RV sites in the field area have neither water or electricity. Generators are welcome but only in the upper open field area where the RV sites are located. (RV sites must be pre-registered with us on this website and pay a small reservation fee.)




The 9 new full hook up RV sites at the campground starting this year! The spots are not in our normal area but they are very close (near the cabins). They are first to reserve first to get and will cost $140 for Friday and Saturday and $70 per day for any days before or after that. The cost is in addition to the normal event price of $50 per person Friday and Saturday (which will be paid to the office when you arrive as normal). To reserve you spot you will need to contact Mountain Breeze direct @ 830-964-2484 and tell them you need to reserve one on the nine KOS RV Sites. Once there gone...there GONE!


In our area of the campground we only have 4 full hook up rv/pop-up sites. These sites go to our event staff. But, we have plenty of room in the field area for RVs...You will need a generator for electricity.




This trip is open to all single females in the lifestyle community, but single males must  have a single female date or be accompanied by a couple for the weekend and will be expected to conduct themselves as a couple or part of the accompanied couple. We expect nothing less then total respect for everyone and unwanted advances will not be tolerated. If a problem does surface the single male along with the date or couple they came with will be removed from the KOS camp area and will not be allowed back in!




Mountain Breeze is an outfitter and will shuttle us directly from the campgrounds.  We will need to provide them with information on how many will be floating/rafting for the day, what type of equipment will be needed, and what time we plan to leave from the grounds in advance of the trip so it will go smoothly.


***Good news about shuttling and floating:  While sometimes we might put in at different spots along the river (depending on how long you want to be in the water), most likely everyone in our group will put in at Mountain Breeze!!  Yay!  It really is nice not to have to lug all your gear around waiting for a shuttle all while your ice is melting!


***The float's starting point is not set in stone till the Friday of the trip, there is always the chance of putting in at another area up river and getting out at our campground.


Using your own equipment:


Mountain Breeze will shuttle your own equipment with out having to pay a fee for the group float on Saturday only...any other day you will be required to pay a fee per tube, it's about the same as renting a tube from them (around $15).


*If you are not planning to do the long float, but want to just hang around the campgrounds, you can bring your own equipment (pool type floats, nothing that could be used to float the length of the river) for that.  

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