River Trip FAQ

General Info
What are the dates for this year's River Trip?
June 22nd - 24th 2018
How much does it cost to attend?
$50 per person for Friday - Sunday, any days before or after is an extra $20 per person per day.
What does the price include?
Camping for Friday & Saturday nights and your tube rental for the Saturday group float.
Why do we have to RSVP on the KOS website?
Your RSVP on the KOS website will be used to check you in at the campgrounds office when you arrive. It helps the office know at a glance if you are supposed to be camping in our area or not.
Is there a "Day Pass" to buy if we are staying offsite?
No, sorry there is not. Everyone who attends will need to RSVP and check in at the office upon arriving to the campground. If you will be attending Fri & Sat nights fun you will pay the same $50 per person as everyone else and can come and go as you please all weekend. If you will only be hanging out Sat then you will pay only $35 per person at the office.
Is there a place at the campground to eat and buy stuff like ice?
Yes...The campground has a snack bar that is open Fri-Sun and sells stuff breakfast tacos, burgers, bbq, and fajita tacos. The office has a bar with pool tables and sells some basic supplies like sun screen. And yes, they sell a lot of ICE!
What activities will there be on the trip?
There is always something happening day and night! Click Here to see the weekend line up.
Is nudity allowed in the campground or the river?
In the campground, during the day, we ask to please limit the nudity in our area...even in the areas that are tarped off from the view of the rest of the campground. At night you can be a little more liberal. Just remember this is not a nudist campground and please do not treat it as so. In the river women may be topless but please be respectful of young ones floating through our area of the river and lower yourself out of view or turn away from there direction.
Can we have sex in the open?
This is a little tricky...yes and no. During the day I would say why risk it...and I hate to have to say this to adults but it's a problem every year...NO SEX OF ANY KIND ON OR IN THE RIVER DURING DAY LIGHT HOURS!!! As for night time, as long as you are in our area you should be fine...just no need to spot light it for the rest of the campground to see.
Are single males allowed to attend?
Single males are only allowed to attend with a date or with a sponsored couple. If with a date they are to conduct themselves and will be treated like any other couple. If he is sponsored by a couple, he is the responsibility of that couple for the weekend if he is asked to leave they in turn will be too. So couples be warned...
Can we order t-shirts this year?
Yes. Click Here to order!
Do we need to call Mountain Breeze Campground to reserve a spot to tent camp?
No. we reserve 1/2 of the entire campground for our group. We have always had plenty of room to set tents up and we add a bunch more tent space this year!
Is there electricity and water for tents?
There are shared electrical outlets through out the tent camping area but no water. There are a few water outlets in our area though just not at every site.
Can you run an AC in your tent?
No sorry in the tent camping area you can not. The circuits just can't handle it. So in that area you can not run ACs, fridges, or freezers of any kind (lights, fans, radios are ok). If we start blowing breakers and one of those items are found you will be asked to remove them and store them in your vehicle for the remainder of the trip. You can have those items in the field area where you can run a generator.
Can I hold a spot next to me for a friend?
You can only hold a spot for a friend if you have the friends tent (NOT A POP UP) and set it up for them before they arrive.
How big are the tent sites?
Tent camping space is not determined by camping site as it is on the MB map traditionally we can get 3-4 tents per site. This way we maximize the space to accommodate everyone. We prefer to limit every couple to one tent and one popup.
We are bringing an RV how do we reserve a spot in the field (not a full hook up spot)?
Click Here to pay a small $25 reservation fee and then use the form to pre-register your RV. We can only accommodate a limited # of RVs, so when we're full we are full!
Is there full hook up RV sites?
Yes. This year we have added 9 full hook up RV sites. They are not in our area but not far away either. They are first reserve first get. The cost for Fri & Sat night is $140...$70 for each additional night. This must be paid in advance to Mountain Breeze when you reserve and is in addition to the $50 per person event fee you pay when you arrive to the office and check in under your RSVP.  You can call MB Campground @ 830-964-2484 and tell them you need to reserve one of the 9 KOS full hook up RV sites.
Can we park our RV where ever we want when we arrive?
No. There will be someone to point you to your spot. Mostly we begin at one end of the field and fill in the next hole as everyone arrives.
Are there cabins available to rent?
No sorry not this year. Starting next year we will have cabins for rent.
Are there any cabins or hotels near by?
There aren't any hotels very close but there are places near by that rent cabins. Click Here to go to our Lodging page.
Last year there was a company that rented tents and set them up before you arrived. Will that be available again this year?
Yes. There name is Biker Rally Camps and they with be setting up tents Thursday morning and taking them down Sunday after noon. Prices start @ $135 for the entire stay. So no need to buy gear or set up and tear down...they do it for you and you can even bring a generator because they set up in the field area!
Contest & Games
Where can we sign up for the Swinger Olympics?
Where can I sign up for the Wet T-Shirt Contest?
Where can we go to check out the sponsors and supporters of the trip or become one ourselves?

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